California Bridge Program Travel Allowance

The California Bridge Program offers travel allowances to support the costs associated with attending California Bridge trainings.

The amount of each allowance is determined by site location and Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) policies and approved rates. To find out the amount of your travel allowance, please contact us using the form on the right.

Travel allowances are verified by attendance; receipts are not required.

To process the travel allowance in a timely manner, we need the information requested below, as well as a fully completed IRS Form W-9. If you have previously submitted a W-9 and received a travel allowance, you need not resubmit. (Because an upload is required, you can upload a blank sheet or a page stating that your W-9 was already submitted.)

- Find the W-9 form here:
- Remember to complete all sections of the W-9 form and sign and date it
- We aim to distribute payments within 30 days of the submission deadline

If you have questions or require assistance, please send an email to or contact us at 510-842-6304.


SUN TRAINING October 15th

Please submit travel allowance. Please contact with any questions.


Travel Allowance Inquiry

Questions about your travel allowance? Please let us know.

Name *
Name the specific health care facility from which you are traveling. Note that only California Bridge Program sites will be provided a travel allowance.
Select the training for which you are requiring. Note that travel allowances may shift slightly from event to event.