24/7 clinician to clinician support to start medication for substance use disorders

California Substance Use Line: 1-844-326-2626

The California Substance Use Line is a free, 24/7 tele-consultation service for California physicians, nurses, and other clinicians with questions about substance use treatment. It is staffed by experienced physicians and pharmacists who can answer confidential questions about substance use evaluation and management, including medications to treat opioid use disorder. The line is open to any clinician in California and is a collaboration between the Clinician Consultation Center and the California Poison Control System. Open 24/7: (844) 326-2626. Learn more about services offered through the substance line. 

National Substance Use Warm Line: 1-855-300-3595

The Substance Use Warm Line is available for providers from across the United States 6am-5pm (PST) Monday-Friday for non-urgent consultation requests that may be directed to addiction-certified physicians or clinical pharmacists who can provide same-day responses. The Warm Line is open to questions from internal medicine, surgery, pharmacy, anesthesia, primary care/other ambulatory, obstetrics/women’s health practices, and other specialty care. Additionally, a voicemail collects questions on a 24/7 basis.